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Chiropractic Care

We provide advanced spinal correction utilizing state of the art chiropractic techniques. Never in the history of chiropractic have we been able to provide the level of help and expertise that now exists. These newer correction methods are even safer, more comfortable and more effective than ever before. We provide treatment for:


• Headaches and migraines

Lower back pain

Auto accident injuries

Neck pain

Numbness and tingling


Spinal injuries

Sports injuries



Workplace injuries

And more

What will treatment include?

Your specific treatment plan will vary, and may include adjustments, exercises, acupuncture, physiotherapy, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle advice.

Our techniques:

Palmer Package, Diversified, Activator, and Thompson-Drop to name a few. Chiropractic treatments are safe and effective in treating pain and promoting general wellness.

Head, Neck, Back Pain
Auto & Workplace
Numbness & Tingling
Sports Injuries and more

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Family Chiropractic in Downtown Anoka

Photo from 1984 of Dr. James J. Abeler, Sr. with sons Dr. James J. Abeler, Jr. and Dr. Stephen R. Abeler

Since 1951, Abeler Chiropractic has been helping patients in Anoka, MN recover from injuries and increase their overall health. In addition to activator and traditional chiropractic methods, we also offer kinesiology, acupuncture, and massage as part of our overall treatment process.

Our staff of health professionals includes Dr. Jim Abeler, Dr. Steve Abeler, Dr. Sarah Pickhardt, Dr. Thea Killeen, Dr. Joel Vlaminck and our massage therapists, Laurel Iverson, CMT, and Tyrel Collins, CMT. In good health or in chronic pain, we are eager to help you wherever you are in the wellness spectrum.


Dr. Jim Abeler, D.C.

Dr. Jim Abeler is a licensed Chiropractor serving the Anoka community for over 30 years! As a second generation chiropractor, Dr. Jim is proud to be a part of the legacy his father started over a half century ago. He has made it a practice to put service first to the over 40,000 people they have cared for over the years.

His technique includes a gentle approach to spinal care utilizing the use of an Activator for adjusting, kinesiology, spinal and muscular balancing, nutritional advice and a strong emphasis on personal responsibility on the part of the patient. In addition, Dr. Jim looks for underlying causes of any disturbance or disruption (which may or may not be causing symptoms at the time) and make whatever interventions and lifestyle adjustments that would optimize the conditions for normal function.

Dr. Jim believes that good health does not cost but rather pays huge dividends and is gratified to see so many people enjoy improved health as they seek and continue his care.

Dr. Steve Abeler, D.C.

Dr. Steve Abeler joined his father's practice in 1980, before opening his own in Andover, but has now returned to rejoin his brother and fellow chiropractors in Anoka.

Learning to Improve Health

His father strongly influenced Dr. Steve's decision to become a chiropractor. “I saw him helping people all the time and wanted to serve others too.”

Outside of the Office

Dr. Steve is very involved with his local church and volunteers his time both at church and in the community, and has a caring heart for the older generations of our area.

"I had neck pain and headaches for years and relied too much on pain relievers. It took a few weeks for the Chiropractic care to work but I did get progressively better. Now I go in every month or two to keep things from coming back."


Dr. Sarah Pickhardt, D.C.

Dr. Sarah Pickhardt has been in practice since 1998, specializing in women’s and children’s natural healthcare, as well as those with chronic or inflammatory diseases. Additionally, she enjoys guiding her patients to make wise lifestyle choices. She is trained in the Activator technique and also utilizes drop table and manual adjustments when appropriate.

Dr. Sarah's gentle, holistic approach includes soft tissue work, nutrition, exercise, cranio-sacral therapy and energy work. As a doctor of chiropractic who treats three generations in her own family, her passion is the privilege of being a part of improving the lives of families, young and old, through chiropractic.

Dr. Joel Vlaminck, D.C.

Dr. Joel Vlaminck DC, MS, has been working with Abeler Chiropractic since 2010. He has earned a Master of Science in Sports Science and Rehabilitation, mastering methods of analysis and treatment of athletic injuries and dysfunctional motion patterns. He has been trained as an Active Release Technique® (ART) practitioner.

Dr. Joel uses a mixture of techniques to provide patients with a comprehensive and unique treatment plan after assessing unique kinetic chains and identifying postural adaptations. He understands the importance of an expedited return to activity. By combining chiropractic, soft tissue mobilization techniques, and exercise rehabilitation, he aids patients to a quick recovery and lasting results.

“Absolutely amazing service and even better treatment. I was blown away by how great I was treated and how much better I felt with such little treatment. I can’t thank you enough and can’t wait for my next visit.”


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